Universal Love

This painting above called "UNIVERSAL LOVE", is at the origin of this amazing experience that individuals and myself get to enjoy together. This Art piece became very popular and grasps a lot of attention from women...so i decided to create a Universal Love Body Art piece special to all by having women interpret my dragonfly mermaid painting. This is why the body painting got involved and the confection of these wings i created out of stain glass... I also sewed a lot of different mermaid tails to suit all tastes...if you feel that this unique experience is for you, please contact me to make an appointment

ALOHA and remember we are all the embodiement of Universal love.

Body painting represents the most sacred and ancient form of art, specially when i let the soul of the person tell me what to paint. It's all free flow and understanding that our souls want to be heard and represented on the surface. There is nothing more magical and mysterious than when i body paint.